Tuesday, March 15, 2011


That's right y'all!  Today is the last day that YOU can become a part of BAMBOO PINK for FREE!  YOu know you are interested, so SIGN UP NOW!  Take the time to really see this company grow and succeed and be a part of it with NO OBLIGATION!
The sneak peeks of the line have been AMAZING!! We only have a few weeks until our webstores are unveiled, giving you the perfect opportunity to reach out and let your friends and family know what is coming!
If you have been skeptical of other product lines, then this is the ONE for you! What other company allows you the freedom to really dive in and make sure that any of the options it offers fit you, just you?  There is no cookie-cutter way of doing this.  There are several options depending on how you want to be a part of this team!  You do not have to go door-to-door. You do not have to host parties. You do not have to beg people to come and see what this is all about. You just have to look.  See if this fits YOU... whether the best fit is to be a customer, a consultant, a team member or a team lead....you decide where you fit!!!
There is NOT a better opportunity out there that is so easy to work with and so easy to believe in!
So do yourself a huge favor....go sign up NOW, because today is the last day that you can do so with absolutely NO obligation!!!
And remember, I am ALWAYS happy to answer any questions you may have.

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